Online Learning Platform Unacademy Hacked — 22 Million Users Data Exposed on Dark Web

Online Learning Platform Unacademy Hacked — 22 Million Users Data Exposed on Dark Web

India's largest online learning platform, Unacademy was affected by a data breach and around 22 Million users record put up for sale in the Dark Web.

Unacademy which has a market value (OMV) of more than 500 million US dollars has more than 20 million registered users, a million video lessons, and more than 14,000 teachers.

Cyble which is a cyber intelligence company has found on 3rd May that an attacker has started to sell an Unacademy's database which has around 22 Million users records for $2000.

The database actually consists of a total of 21,909,707 user records. These user records include first names, last names, joined date, last login data, email addresses, usernames, hashed passwords, etc.

An attacker breached Unacademy's database from 26th January 2020 because the last account created in the Unacademy's database is from that date.

It is also found that lot's of Unacademy's accounts using an organization's emails existed in the breached database that includes accounts from Google, Facebook, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, Reliance Industries, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, PNB, BOB, and several other big companies.

That's why it is recommended to these organization's users to change their all accounts passwords immediately because if these organization's users used the same passwords on their organization accounts as well then it would let an attacker to easily gain access to organizations network also.

Hemesh Singh who was the co-founder of Unacademy has confirmed the data breach. However, He said that only 11 Million Unacademy's user records were affected but all private sensitive information was safe.

However, attackers have said to Cyble's researcher that they have the entire Unacademy's database but are only putting the 22 Million user records up for sale in the Dark Web at this time.

It is highly recommended to all the Unacademy's users to change their account password immediately. Those who use the same password for another account are also suggested to change that account's password.

It is advised to all Unacademy's users that be careful about phishing emails that claim to be from Unacademy.

If you have any questions related to Unacademy's data breach and also want to share your views on this then please mention int the comments box and I will get back to you and stay tuned with my blog.

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