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What is a Botnet? - Towards Cybersecurity

In this article, I am explaining about a botnet and it's types. So, Let's begin. A botnet is one of the most common and popular modern-day malware . A botnet is made of two words one is a bot, and another one is net. Firstly, let's talk about " bot " which is also called Zombie . A bot is an infected system that is under the control of an attacker without their owners' knowledge. The attacker used bot code (malware) to infect the system and after that as per the attacker's instructions bot code (malware) communicates with the attacker's server and performs a wide variety of malicious activities. And now let's talk about the " net " which means a network . So, Botnet means a network of bots (zombies) controlled by an attacker to perform a wide variety of malicious activities like Spamming, Phishing, Click Fraud, etc. That's why nowadays botnet is one of the most common and dangerous tools in the attacker's tool

Is Browser Incognito Mode Really Private?

There are lots of misconceptions out there about Incognito mode in a lot of peoples' minds.  Most of the people relate associate browsing in Incognito mode with browsing the web privately (anonymously) . But, is that really true? Is Incognito mode really safe and secure and does it really protect your privacy? In this article, I am clearing all your doubts related to Incognito mode . So, Let's begin. Before I begin, let me just list out the topics I'll be covering in this post. What is Incognito Mode? How To Enable Incognito Mode in the Browser? The Privacy Issues of Incognito Mode How To Browse Privately on the Internet? So, Let's talk about Incognito mode in-detail. What is Incognito Mode? Incognito Mode is browsers' special private browsing mode which is available on almost every popular browsers by different names. In the browsing session of Incognito mode, the browser won't collect the fo