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How To Clear Data Facebook Collects About You From Other Sites and Apps

Facebook knows a lot about everyone that's why it's one of the biggest advertising platforms. Facebook tracks users across the Internet through the online activity of users that other websites and apps share with Facebook . Everything we do online, from buying shoes and clothes to looking for products we like, generates a huge amount of behavioral data. And websites and apps often share these behavioral data with too many advertising companies, allowing them to build accurate profiles of your needs and interests. After facing worldwide criticism over the data breach and privacy controversies, last summer Facebook announced a privacy-focused tool, named Off-Facebook Activity , which gives every user of Facebook more control and transparency of their data collected by Facebook. At first, the Off-Facebook Activity feature was available to users in selected geographies for testing and now, the Off-Facebook Activity feature is available to all users worldwide.

The Student’s Guide to Cybersecurity — 9 Top Tips to Prevent Yourself From Hackers

In today's digital era, school and college students are more digitally connected than ever before. According to the report, 73% of 13-17 years old teenagers have smartphones, 87% of teenagers have computers . Reports also show that around 55% of 18-29 years olds have experienced at least one kind of data theft. Nowadays, almost every school or college student owns a smartphone or a laptop. So, Hackers target students because most of the students do not have a basic knowledge of cybersecurity . Therefore, every student must learn cybersecurity concepts at some point. If you want to protect your personal information, academic work from cyberattacks throughout your school and college years, you should use the following online cybersecurity tips on a regular basis.  9 Top Tips to Prevent Yourself From Hackers 1. Check Your Bank Statements Regularly Nowadays, most people have received online bank statements for the previous month at the starting of the mon