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Critical TikTok Flaw — Let Hackers Hack Any TikTok Account by Sending SMS

TikTok is a very popular 15-second video-making app. TikTok has 1.3 billion+ users worldwide. In the last few months, TikTok is in news because of security risk . In December 2019, a lawsuit has been filed against TikTok because TikTok secretly sent users sensitive private data & PII number to Chinese servers including draft videos. Recently, the U.S Army also announced bans from using the TikTok app for soldiers in government phones. The ban on using the TikTok app comes as the TikTok app may be used for surveillance. Flaws Found in TikTok App Security researchers from Check Point firm found multiple flaws with the TikTok app that allows hackers to perform the following thing on any TikTok account : Modifying the user content Upload videos Delete videos Change video from private to public Fetch sensitive personal information Multiple vulnerabilities found that include : SMS Link Spoofing Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Cross-Site Reque