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5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

Links are everywhere while you browse on the internet. Also, links are nowadays spreading at greater speed due to sharing through social media. There is no escaping from links and it is also not easy to predict all the time about its legitimacy and the sources to which it is redirecting. Out of curiosity, we often just click the link without actually being aware. So, it becomes very important to know which links are safe and which are not.

So, whenever faced with a "to click or not to click" decision, stop, take a step back, and do some investigating. Tools, techniques, and common sense can help you figure out what's real and what's dangerous.

If you want to learn about how to check if a link is safe to click or not then Click here.

Hovering over the link and see the target address in the status bar is a good idea but it can not catch all the aspects of a malicious link. Luckily, there are several Link scanner websites available to check if a link is safe to click or not.

These Link scanner websites have cloud-based antivirus software installed that checks a link for malicious content or phishing signals. There are many free and secure Link scanner websites available.

It is one of the best and the quickest way to check if a link is safe or not. If a link is leading to a phishing page or a website that will try to install ransomware on your computer, then these Link scanner websites will immediately let you know about it.

Therefore, In this article, I am going to list down the best Link scanner websites that let you check if a link is safe or not. So, Let's begin.

Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

Here is the list of 5 best Link scanner websites that deliver quick results for free. You also don't need to register an account to use these services.

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

Google can examine billions of links per day to find unsafe links by its own Safe Browsing technology. They uncover thousands of dangerous links every day, and they've discovered that many of these links are actually legitimate but they're also compromised.

To check if a link is compromised or dangerous, Google Transparency Report service offers a standard filed into which you can enter the link you're concerned about. A few seconds later, the results captured by Google's web crawlers will tell you if a link is safe or not.

Along with malware, Google Transparency Report will also alert you to phishing risks.

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

If you prefer to get your security recommendations from the world famous security firm, Kaspersky you should try VirusDesk. VirusDesk is a dual purpose tool that not only checks suspicious links but also accepts uploads of suspicious files. Effectively, it offers both features via a suspicious link pasting or drag-and-drop field into which you can paste suspicious links or upload suspicious files.

To use Kaspersky VirusDesk for link checking, enter the link and click on "SCAN". You'll be quickly informed whether the link is safe or not. If you disagree with the result, you can click the "I disagree with the scan results" button will prompt Kaspersky researcher to find out more.

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

VirusTotal is a browser-based multi-function scanning tool. VirusTotal analyzes suspicious files and suspicious links. VirusTotal has the ability to scan any link using 71 different link scanning services. To use VirusTotal for link checking, enter the link and press "Enter".

It may surprise you that the link scanning is very fast, taking only a few seconds to complete scanning a link with over 70 different link scanning services. This is not due to VirusTotal servers hosted under the powerful infrastructure of Google but it is because VirusTotal simply pulls the latest scan report out of each link scanning service.

VirusTotal also offers public and private APIs for developers. And these can be used to create your own file and link scanning tool on your website. It also offers an Android and Windows app.

4. URLVoid

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

URLVoid is a tool that helps you to check link safety, detect any malicious behavior, and identify if it ever been involved in a malware or phishing incident. To use URLVoid for link checking, simply enter the suspicious link and click on "Scan Website". A few seconds later, the results captured by URLVoid will tell you if a link is safe or not.

URLVoid also gives you detailed reports from various databases on the blacklisting of websites. Among other additional information, it includes information such as when the domain was first registered, server location, Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, IP address information, etc.

Although, URLVoid only supports up to 36 link scanning services, what I like about this link scanning service is the ability to easily access the official and more detailed report from the individual scanning service website by clicking on the "View More Details" link.

If you need to scan an IP address, URLVoid offers a service called IPVoid.

5 Best Websites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

An antivirus and anti-malware software provider, Norton has also produced a link scanner that can analyze any link for its safety and security problems. Norton Safe Web offers you a simple result of whether a link is safe or not.

Norton Safe Web also gives you a summary of threats by mentioning the number of Computer Threats, Identity Threats, Annoyance factors, and proof of an eCommerce safety validation, which is important for protecting your personal and financial information when you buy products from that link.

Norton Safe Web even offers two further tools. One is Norton Safe Search Extension, a Chrome extension that adds quick safe search functionality to your Chrome browser. Every search you run in the chrome browser will display results that have been checked by Norton. And the second one is Norton Home Page Extension, for the complete Norton safety experience.

So, These are the best Link scanner websites that let you check if a link is safe or not.

Each of the Link scanner websites listed here is safe to use and perfect for helping you stay safe online. These Link scanner websites will protect you from all manner of security threats distributed via web links, from malware and ransomware to spoof emails and websites attempting to phish your details.

Do you ever use any of the above Link scanner websites to check if a link is safe or not? if yes, then which one is best? Share with me through the comment section that is given below.

I hope you find useful information in this article. If you have any questions then please mention in the comments section and I will get back to you and stay tuned with my blog to learn interesting things related to cybersecurity and hacking.


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