Google Play Store Flooding with Spyware, Banking Trojan, Adware Via Games, and Utility Apps

Google Play Store Flooding with Spyware, Banking Trojan, Adware Via Games, and Utility Apps

Google Play Store continues to be the source of malicious apps. Researchers found several Spyware, Banking Trojan, Adware, and other threats in these malicious apps. These malicious apps are designed to spy on users, show unwanted ads and also perform malicious activities on the user's devices.

These apps are disguised as legitimate apps such as game apps, photo editors, family locator, memory boosters, crypto exchange, security and camera apps.

Researchers found a new Banking Trojan named Android.Banker.352.origin distributed through a fake version of the official YoBit crypto application.

Once the application launched, it open's up a fake authentication window and asks users to enter login credentials, if the login credentials are entered then the app sends the login credentials to the attacker server and shows the error message like service unavailable. So, this way Banking Trojan steals the user's login credentials.

Google Play Store Flooding with Spyware, Banking Trojan, Adware Via Games, and Utility Apps

The Banking Trojan also capable of hiding auth codes from text messages, block notification in the infected device. It is also able to steal two-factor authentication (2FA) codes from text messages and emails sent to the infected device. So, this way attackers compromise cryptocurrency wallets owned by victims.

Another Banking Trojan, named Android.Banker.347.origin found on Google Play Store which is a modified version of Android.BankBot.495.origin & Android.Banker.346.origin Trojans. This Trojan was embedded within an app called Encontre Mais, that used to locate family and friends.

This Banking Trojan specifically targets Brazilian customers associated with financial organizations. It steals sensitive data from the Android device and capable of pushing phishing pages based on the command from the attacker.

Researchers found new versions of Spyware, named Program.Panspy.1.origin, Program.RealtimeSpy.1.origin & Program.MonitorMinor on Google Play Store. These are capable of stealing various sensitive information such as phone calls, text messages, online activity, location of devices, and send these data to the attacker's server.

Researchers also found Adware, named Android.HiddenAds on Google Play Store. It displays advertising banners, and may also attempt to download and install APK files.

Trojan downloaders, named Android.DownLoader.920.origin & Android.DownLoader.921.origin also found on Goole Play Store. They were spread through Android Gaming applications and on execution attempts of these apps downloads additional Trojans on devices.

The modified version of Android.Joker Malware, named Android.Click.781 & Android.Click.325.origin use to subscribe for premium services without user knowledge and transfer the contact data from the victim's contact list to the attacker's server.

A legitimate app store like Google Play repeatedly harbors malicious apps and it is a cause of concern. Android smartphone users are often advised not to download apps from third-party sources to avoid Malware. Unfortunately, it seems sticking to the Google Play Store isn't always safe either. Besides installing apps from trusted developers, users can also stay safe by checking the reviews of other users. In many cases, information from other users may help to take the right decision.

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