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How To Enable Pop-Up Blocker in Google Chrome on Your Desktop

There are many web browsers available for Windows and Mac OS, but Google Chrome is right now the most used web browser because it provides up to data security and many controls to the user. In the last few years, Google Chrome has improved a lot in terms of user experience and already introduced and ad and pop-up blocker. The great thing is that users don't need to use any Chrome extension to block pop-ups as the pop-up blocker is already there on the Chrome browser, but it is hidden . Ads are something that can ruin your entire web browsing experience. Advertisements are of various types like banner ads, link ads, display ads, and out of all those, pop-up ads seem to be the worst one , and everyone hates it. Just think for a moment, you are reading an important article and all of a sudden a pop-up shows up, interrupting your focus. So, If you are facing such issues and searching for the best methods to block pop-ups from the Chrome browser then you have come

Android Users Beware! Top Android VPN Apps With 500 Million+ Installs Pushing Adware

New Zealand based independent security researcher, Any Michael discovered the four most popular Android VPN apps with cumulative downloads of over 500 million users committing Ad fraud and not only pushing unusual ads while running in the background but also placed outside the apps, including the home screen in user's device to generate millions of dollars revenue. There are several Adware incidents reported in the past few months, and it's rapidly growing to exclusively target the Android users to generate millions of dollars revenue. Developers use this method because every click gives them revenue. Due to the high popularity of VPN apps, if making quick money is the goal, serving outside ads in VPN apps would be a logical choice. The four most popular Android VP apps are  —  HotSpot VPN - Free Unlimited Fast Proxy VPN, Free VPN Master - Fast Secure Proxy VPN, Secure VPN - Unlimited Free & Super VPN Proxy, Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, Applock,

Mozilla Launches 'Firefox Private Network' VPN Service as a Browser Extension

Mozilla officially launched a new VPN service, called Firefox Private Network, as a browser extension that limits what websites and advertisers track about you and also encrypts your online activity. Firefox Private Network service is currently in beta version and available only to desktop users in the United States (U.S) as part of Mozilla's "Firefox Test Pilot" program that lets users try out new features before they were officially released. The Firefox Test Pilot program was first launched by the Mozilla three years ago but was shut down in January this year. After that, the company decided to bring the program back but with some changes. Marissa Wood, vice president of product at Mozilla said that the differences with the newly relaunched Test Pilot program are that these products and services may be outside the Firefox browser, and will be far more polished. Firefox Private Network (FPN) is the Test Pilot program's first new project.

WARNING — Google Calendar Vulnerability Affects 1.5 Billion Users

There are 1.5 billion people in 143 countries use Google's Gmail and Calendar apps, which are provided to anyone who signs up for a Google account. And now, they're all at risk because of new Google Calendar fake invite scam . The vulnerability in Google Calendar allows hackers to take advantage of a default setting that automatically adds invitations (which spread malicious links) to a person's Calendar when they are sent via email . Unrequested invites then appear as a notification trough then Google Calendar app which if clicked on can lead users to a legitimate looking page requesting the user's personal and financial details. The fake invite scam was first discovered by two cybersecurity researchers at Black Hills Information Security in 2017 but Google is addressing the issue now. They informed and demonstrated how they exploited the vulnerability in gaining access to the user's credentials and also describing how security controls design

iPhone Users Beware! iOS 13 Coming Next Week With LockScreen Bypass Bug

For iPhone users, the good news is that next week, on September 19, Apple will roll out iOS 13, the latest version of its mobile OS. Yes, all iPhone users are excited about that, but there comes the bad news . iOS 13 contains a vulnerability that could allow anyone to bypass the lockscreen protection on your iPhone and access some sensitive information . Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish security researcher, revealed that he discovered the new lockscreen bypass bug in the iOS 13 beta version that allowed him to access the full list of Contacts on his iPhone and every piece of information saved on them and he also reported it to Apple on July 17. But, unfortunately, Apple failed to patch the bug even after being informed month ago, and the lockscreen bypass is still working on the Gold Master (GM) version of iOS 13. The final version of the software will be rolled out to everyone on September 19 . The devices that will support iOS 13 are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pr

Android 10 Released : Everything You Wanted To Know About Latest Privacy & Security Updates

Android 10, the latest version of Google's operating system (OS), is now available. It will include a range of privacy & security improvements that should keep Android users a little safer. Privacy & Security is a central focus of Android 10 . So, Android 10 introduces major changes to protect users' privacy & security. These changes extend the transparency and give users control, with improved system UI, stricter permissions, Platform hardening, advanced encryption and restrictions on what data apps can use. Android 10 also includes dark theme, live caption, Smart Reply, Gesture Navigation types of feature but in this post, I will be only talking about the latest Privacy & Security updates. First of all, I am going to talk about the latest Privacy Updates included in Android 10. So, Let's begin. Privacy Updates:- 1. Giving users more control over location data One major privacy feature coming in Android 10 is the ability t