What is Cybersecurity ? - Towards Cybersecurity

Before I begin, let me just list out the topics I'll be covering in this article.
  • What is Cybersecurity?
  • Why is Cybersecurity important?
What is Cybersecurity?
The term cybersecurity sounds like it secures digital data. The data that is transmitted, stored or used on a system like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. After all, that is what a hacker wants, data. The computers, networks, servers are just mechanisms to get to the data. An effective cybersecurity approach secures individuals and organizations and also prevents the risk of cyberattacks.

What is Cybersecurity ? - Towards Cybersecurity

The term cybersecurity is made of two words one is the "cyber" and the second one is "security". The word cyber is related to technology that contains data, programs, systems, and networks whereas the word security is related to the protection that includes data security, application security, system security, and network security. So, nowadays cybersecurity is everywhere and also it' s essential.
Now, Let's discuss the definition of cybersecurity.
Basically, cybersecurity refers to practices, policies, and technologies that are designed to protect data, programs, networks, servers, computers, and connected devices from :
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Unauthorized Deletion
  • Unauthorized Modification
These three terms are very similar to the CIA triad. In the CIA triad, CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability and it is referred to as the three pillars of security. Also, most of the security practices, policies of organizations are built on these three principles. We can see more about the CIA triad in the upcoming post.
What is Cybersecurity all about?
An efficient cybersecurity approach has multiple layers of protection (Defense in Depth) spread across the networks. In organizations, The people, processes, and technology all three complement each other to create an effective defense from cyber attacks.
Users of the organizations must understand and follow basic cybersecurity principles like being aware of attachments in email and choosing strong, unique, and different passwords for all accounts. I can discuss more about cybersecurity principles later.
Organizations must have a cybersecurity focused structure for how they deal in the events of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity focused structure can guide you and it also explains how you can detect threats, identify attacks, protect systems, respond threats, and recover in the event of cyberattacks.
Technology is very important to give individuals as well as organizations the security tools needed to secure themselves from cyberattacks. These three things must be secured :
  • Cloud
  • Networks
  • Endpoint devices like routers, computers, and smart devices

Anti-virus, next-gen firewalls, malware protection types of technology used to secure these three things.
Nowadays, implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly difficult and also challenging because there are more digital devices than people, and hackers are becoming smarter and more creative.
Why is Cybersecurity important?
Let's discuss the reasons, why cybersecurity is very important in today's digital era :
  • With each passing year, the volume of cyber threats is increasing quickly. According to the MacAfee report, cyberattack now stand at around $400 billion, while two years ago it was around $200 billion
  • Cyberattacks can be very dangerous and harmful to businesses to survive. In addition to financial damages suffered by business and a data breach can also impose reputational damage of organization
  • These days cyberattacks are becoming progressively destructive and very harmful and hackers are using more advanced ways to initiate cyberattacks
Because of the above reasons, cybersecurity has become an important part of individuals as well as organizations. Now, the focus of the individuals and organizations is on building proper response architecture that controls the destruction in the event of cyberattacks. However, individuals and organizations can only develop a proper plan when they have a good knowledge of cybersecurity related fundamentals.
As cyberattacks increase, those organizations that deal with the data needs to take proper steps to secure their personal and sensitive data.
Effective cybersecurity is a key defense in the event of cyberattacks. So, it is important for organizations to have the right cybersecurity plans to protect against cyberattacks.
So, that's why cybersecurity is important.
If you have any questions related to cybersecurity importance and also want to share your views on this then please mention in the comments box and I will get back to you.


  1. I now have a basic understanding of Cyber Security. Thank you for explaining it so accessibly and with a personal touch:)
    Good work Nibba.!
    I want to rate it 4.5/5.

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