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What is Cybersecurity ? - Towards Cybersecurity

Before I begin, let me just list out the topics I'll be covering in this article. What is Cybersecurity? Why is Cybersecurity important? What is Cybersecurity? The term cybersecurity sounds like it secures digital data. The data that is transmitted, stored or used on a system like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. After all, that is what a hacker wants, data. The computers, networks, servers are just mechanisms to get to the data. An effective cybersecurity approach secures individuals and organizations and also prevents the risk of cyberattacks. The term cybersecurity is made of two words one is the "cyber" and the second one is "security" . The word cyber is related to technology that contains data, programs, systems, and networks whereas the word security is related to the protection that includes data security, application security, system security, and network security. So, nowadays cybersecurity is everywhere and also it' s

Introduction To Cybersecurity - A Beginner's Guide To Cybersecurity World

Have you ever thought about how secure your data is? Nowadays, cybercrime is a major issue. Therefore, Cybersecurity has become very important. My main goal to start this blog is more and more people learn and aware of cybersecurity, networking, and hacking related concepts. So, Let's start the journey. I am here to guide you through the world of cybersecurity. Everyone who uses smartphones, computers, tablets, or any other digital device which is connected to the internet should know the cybersecurity related concepts. This is my first blog so here you learn the basic things that you should be aware of cybersecurity. Before I start, let me just list out the topics I'll be covering in this article. The History of Cybersecurity Why We Need Cybersecurity? The History of Cybersecurity Around fifty years ago words like adware, spyware, malware, viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware weren't even part of information technology (IT) vocabulary. The origin of